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If I had a choice of moving to another host, I would have no reason to. Good hosts are hard to find, and I certainly get a good service from supportHQ and have done so for many years. I would highly recommend them without reservation.

If I had a choice of moving to another host, I would have no reason to. Good hosts are hard to find, and I certainly get a good service from supportHQ and have done so for many years. I would highly recommend them without reservation.

What I like is the service. When I’ve been working on my site and I have technical questions, emails are answered often within minutes. They are answered by a person, not in a standard template form and they fully answer my questions. In fact I’ve been surprised that emails have been replied to (and solutions given) in the middle of the night sometimes.

I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you do (most of it a mystery to me). Just knowing that you are there, instantly, at the end of an email to help me is just so comforting and no matter how enormous I think the problem is you just kind of work through et Voila!!! – problem solved! You are patient and generous with your knowledge and have never made me feel inept at my ignorance in computer speak.

I found you worked we’ll with the Festival committee and created a very good website. Your continued support is fabulous and we hope to work together again as we intend changing our selling process. I recommend you to any new person requiring website development.

Years ago, I opened an account with after doing a bit of research online. Since then, I’ve added multiple domains, hosting packages, accounts & services and I could not be more pleased with the level of service I receive. In my line of work (much like every line of work), trusting colleagues and associates with whom one does business is paramount. I can honestly say that I know that my clients and I are in good hands with the proficient and professional staff at supportHQ.

Fast, reliable servers, nice support people. Soooo much better than my last hosting company.

For a full list of all features and facilities included with each type of account, just click on the Features link in the menu at the top of this page, and select the Hosting Plans option.

The SupportHQ Network has been in the web hosting business now for 18 years, pretty much as long as public web hosting has been in existence. We’ve seen it all, done most of it, and avoided most of the mistakes.

No you don’t, but we hope you will, and we offer some pretty good reasons why you should.

As you probably know domains are renewed annually, and unfortunately, even with our cheap price mentality, we can’t get you around that one because we don’t control the domain name system. However if you do host your domain with us, this is what we can offer in terms of security and features.

  • Free privacy protection if you request it. Stop those pesky fraudsters from incessantly contacting you via your domain records
  • Our incredible DNS system. Globally distributed, fault tolerant, over 500 systems, with 6 Tier-1 providers, 15 points of presence in the Internet’s best-connected data facilities.
  • Vanity nameservers. Although we have to do this manually for you, if you want,, we’ll set this up at no charge for you.
  • “Instant DNS updates” pushed out to our servers in under 1 second

Want more? For another $35 per year all of your vital email for your domain name is re-routed in the event of server failure to a backup mailserver totally transparently. Never lose another vital email again!

Do you have a domain name already? No problems; at your option, you can transfer your existing domain name into our system so everything is in the same place for you and you can take advantage of the above facilities.

This term (and HFL, plus the Hosted for Life brand) refers to our lifetime hosting product. One payment is all you make. It refers to the life of the website domain. So even if you die and pass on your website or web business to your children, we will continue hosting the website as long as you/they keep renewing the domain name with us. We don’t put a time limit on it. We’ve been in business for many years now, we have no debts, and the HFL Life Plan fills our account with capital for expanding our facilities and services without us ever borrowing for that expansion. You can be assured that we will be here for you.


When you choose supportHQ as your hosting supplier, your website is hosted on a server farm supported by Renewable Energy

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Money-Back Guarantee

Every web hosting account comes with a full 30 day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. If you are not completely satisfied, just let us know and we'll refund you.

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Pay once, get hosted for life. Love it. Nice friendly staff too.

— Mike P, Auckland, New Zealand