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The HFL Affiliate Program

Introduction’s Affiliate Program is an internet-based program that compensates our partners  (“affiliates”) for generating sales of’s web hosting plan. We proudly offer the biggest affiliate commissions in the hosting industry.

If you decide to become an affiliate, you will sell’s hosting product, the Life Plan, and in return you will receive a commission from the sale. Your commission is worth between $50 cash and $197 worth of services per sale, depending on promotions and your preferences for compensation. Recommending and selling our unique web hosting solution is simple, profitable and absolutely free.

The Industry’s Biggest Payouts

As an affiliate in the program, the choice is always yours. With each individual sale you can accept a $50 commission or request from us an entire lifetime account for yourself, a full value of $197. It’s up to you. You can then use this for your own website(s), or give it away as a prize, anything. It’s your choice.

Becoming an HFL Affiliate is Easy and Profitable

The Affiliate Program is an excellent money-making opportunity for bloggers, list owners, web designers, and anyone with marketing flair and a good list of prospects. It affords you the chance to partner with a respected industry leader in web hosting. We provide you with everything you need, including banner ads, page peels, text  and product links. The process is easy and automated. You drive the traffic and we take care of the rest.

Your benefits include:

  • 90 day cookie length
  • Quality creatives and links
  • Working with a well-known worldwide brand
  • Earning from $50-$197 per sale
  • Easy to sell unique product
  • Regular promotions to help you make sales
  • It’s free and easy to join

You can sign up by clicking the sign up link in the menu at right.