How do I get added to your suggested designers list?

To be added to our web templates page simply email us your domain name, your 468x60 banner, and a link to your portfolio. You MUST agree to and abide to the agreement below. We will evaluate your application. In some occurrences we will require you to email us a template for test installation. We will email you with more information within 1-2 business days.

To be listed on our web designers page you must agree to link to our site via text link or banner. As a web designer you should handle questions regarding our service in a professional manner as will we when we have questions regarding your design service. You should not promote any other hosting service above ours. All webhosts should be treated equally on your site. You must also agree not to compete with us, meaning you can't offer your own webhosting. We reserve the right to terminate our relationship at any point and time for absolutely no reason with no excuse. We also reserve the right to deny applicants. This agreement may change at ANY time with no notice to you. By agreeing to list us on your site you agree to these terms having read them or not.

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