100% Wind Powered but not full of hot air :-)

Did you know that the average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV? We didn’t and we were horrified to find that out!

We began hosting websites in 1995, a time when the world-wide web was in its infancy. We built up a big and successful hosting company and sold it for a good amount of money. After a few years of wondering what we could do that we liked as much as hosting, we gave up and got back into it.

Today we are building a solid, debt-free business, combining our love of service with our care and our hopes for the well-being of our environment. So in searching for an up-line provider, we took into account not just a rock-solid reputation, redundant facilities and helpful support, but also we looked for a company that had the same ecological and ethical considerations that we do.

So now the supportHQ network is more than 100% wind powered via the purchase of Renewal Energy Credits. Learn more about Renewable Energy Credits, how they work and why they make great sense for our environment, by clicking the link below to visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency page on RECs.


We greatly enjoy our work and helping our customers reach their goals via their online facilities. If you share our passion for the environment and our enthusiasm for life, and want to work with our great team, we’d like to hear from you, and we’d like to become your representatives and take care of your website(s) and email.

Either jump in the chat window at the bottom right of this page, or simply email us at admin@supportHQ.net and we’ll start helping you straight away.

Thanks for visiting our site, and taking the time to check us out.